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The galaxy is big and so is the internet. It's hard to get your Star Trek website noticed. Setting up a link exchange with Star Trekreation is one step toward getting on the star charts.

Star Trekreation will accept link exchanges with Star Trek related websites, with the usual exceptions of sites with hate speech, violence, or other sicko stuff.

In this directory you can place the title of your website, a text-based link, a graphic banner, and a text description.


  • Banner image can be NO larger than 500 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. Keep file size below 50 KB.
  • Description should not exceed 100 words.

Setting up the link exchange

Step 1:

Place this code on one or more pages on your Star Trek website:

<b>Star Trekreation</b> - Star Trek News and Fun from a born-and-bred Trekkie <a href=""></a>

Step 2:

Fill out this form and your link will be added within a couple days. Promise!

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