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Spock - The Logical Role Model

When the space exploration gets tough, logic would dictate that the tough get thinking of a solution. While Kirk threw the punches, Spock did the calculations.

You could learn a lot from Spock about handling crisis situations. If you just assess the variables and try not to get emotional, things should work out your way.

Spock demonstrates this admirably in the episode "Gamesters of Triskelion" when he takes the Enterprise away from the planet where Kirk and party disappeared to follow the only clue available to find the Captain. McMoy and Scotty vociferously dispute Spock's course of action, but Spock rises above their emotionalism and of course finds the Captain.

Of course, capturing a few minutes of peace in which to apply logic to the problem can be difficult. Ordering the mind while being harangued by a hysterical McCoy requires years of training and discipline.

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