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Welcome to Star Trekreation. I hope you come in peace, but it's all right to keep your phasers set for stun if you must.

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I was started on Star Trek so young that I have no memory without it. For a brief time during my preschool existence, I thought I was actually going to grow up and go to Starfleet Academy .

My family got its first color television in the late 1970s and I can remember my excitement at finally being able to explore the galaxy in color. I still love the old sets from the Original Series and their warm mango skies.

The social messages and explorations that inspired many of the plots have made the show special. In "The Cloud Minders" the elitist people of Stratos taught me about class oppression and the episode "Let That be Your Last Battlefield" clearly demonstrated the absurdity of racism.

The fantastical stories of Star Trek helped me learn about the real world and a kid could not have had a better show to watch. Sure, I admit that Kirk used violence to solve problems too much, but it was always worth it when his shirt got ripped.

Enjoy my Star Trek related essays. Sincerely, Tracy Falbe.

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